Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Straight to Yerushalayim

Once upon a camel in a middle east land
The Jews built a city in the middle of the sand.
A home for their people was their one and only mission
The only thing they didn't build was central air condition
They almost named it Moses-ville
but that name had been taken
They almost named it Kosher-town
to keep out all the bacon

Yerushallassee wasn't classy.
It just didn't bounce...
Yerushahattan didn't happen.
Too hard to pronounce.

So they gathered all together and decided to vote
They needed a name, one that they could promote
If they want to make it big like Egypt or Rome
The name needs to scream, "Hey, Jews this is home!"
Monotheists all agree, the location was prime
They finally named it... Yerushalayim

We're going straight to Yerushalayim
Going straight to Jerusalem

So... the... centuries come, the millennia go
Jews are still in the desert, hey what do ya know?
Then a nice Jewish boy met a nice Jewish girl
And together they decide to move across the world.
Like their ancestors did, they needed a name
Something catchy for their blog, that would garner them fame.
He wanted to call it, "A Year of Milk and Honey."
But she said, "Babe, that just isn't so funny."
She wanted to call it, "Living Holy and Happy."
But he said, "Come on, just a little too sappy."

So they pined and they bickered, they just couldn't agree
They needed a name but what would it be?
At last they shook hands and they called it a truce
The blog would be named, "Our Year in Yerush"

We're going straight to Yerushalayim
Going straight to Jerusalem
We're going straight to Yerushalayim
Going straight to YERUSH!


  1. OMG. If someone watches that video and DOESN'T follow your blog, they're crazy.

    So excited to see what adventures you have in store! Safe travels!

  2. AnonymousJuly 02, 2011

    Okayyyyy! I'm ready for an update!!:-) I'll post to twitter if you post to OurYearInYerush!!!!:-)
    Hope your first few days are going great! I use posts like emails because I'm OLDDDDD!